Std. Color Coded X-Ray Jackets
Chart & Film Holder
Active Film Cart 24" X 24" X 36"
Personal Touch
X-Ray Markers - Pink
MRI Wheelchair 22"
Coated Sponges provide a barrier to the foam which allows technologist to clean the surface in between patients. This barrier meets OSHA and Joint Commission Requirements for cleaning and safety for patients. Coated sponges provide the barrier required for cleaning, but do to the additional chemical coating required for this barrier, minimal shadowing with low attenuation.
Non-Coated Sponges are an economical means to help position patients during various radiology examinations. Available in standard and firm composites. They provide the support needed with hard-to-position patients. Non-Coated sponges are virtually invisible in the x-ray image. But they don't provide the cleanable barrier in between patients.

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